Sharpo's Really Big Fun Variety Show!

This event works in any private party area and is great for all size groups!

Sharpo's Really Big Fun Variety Show is a fun. exciting, event styled after the popular late night shows -  with YOUR GUEST OF HONOR  as the CELEBRITY A-List guest.   Call Sharpo In and make your party really big fun!

We want your event to be really big fun!  Our professional emcees are the life of the party!  

During the mingling reception and cocktail party you enjoy fabulous close up table to table magic along with our professional party starters and live wires who work the crowd and keep people laughing and entertained.

After dining ,  our party  emcee will lead in some super fun improv comedy games featuring our professional players and your party guests.  This is followed by  featured acts:   Perhaps a brilliant musical act, an amazing stage or parlor  magic act stand up comedian or sketch comedy act... or  something completely different  in accordance with your particular party theme.

After the feature acts and  just like on your favorite 'late night' show,  our host    invites up the guest of honor for a celebrity style comedy interview - (if they are shy, we bring up family members and friends or other audience members and share laughs and stories.)  This is not a roast - it is a tribute!   Our seasoned  professional hosts have  lots of personality.  They  make  the guest of honor shine and feel like a million bucks!  This is a fantastic fun event that is adaptable to your party environment and  event itinerary.    

We can create an itinerary and program for parties and budgets of all sizes.  We can roll out the red carpet and work the "cue" as guests enter.  We can tailor the entertainment to any situation.  There are no limits to the imagination.