2 to 3 Hour House Party Prices Starting at $499!(*For a limited time only.) 

This is an incredible value.  My pricing for this same program is usually twice this amount for corporate events and venue entertainment.  

Parties are one thousand percent better with professional entertainment and Sharpo!® brings the fun to wherever you are celebrating.  Below is a sample description of a full evening Sharpo!® Magic & Murder Mystery Party or Event:    



Cocktails / Mingling Hour - Strolling Close Up Magic!

During cocktails and mingling I will work the crowd doing close up, strolling Magic, making people laugh and warming up the crowd.  This is the perfect icebreaker! I also distribute welcome programs and pencils with instructions for my famous Sharpo!®  Murder Mystery so guests can get handwriting samples of suspicious characters and be on the lookout for clues and important information that may help them solve the Mystery later in the evening.  I will be on the lookout too as I secretly select several audience members to play special and extra important roles in the game. I recommend 30 to 60 minutes for this mingling time.

Break:  At this point I recommend an Intermission for food and beverage service or just fun party conversation.  Afterwards:

 Fantastic Parlor Magic! 

After your food service or in between courses, I will take the floor and do some fun and amazing Parlor Magic routines, including incredible feats of Mentalism, impossible Magic Transformations and even a daring Escape routine! This Parlor Act runs about 15 Minutes.

 Murder Mystery Act 1!

Then suddenly a diabolical Murder occurs on the premises  and I will reveal that I am not only your Star Magician for the evening but also a highly trained Mystery Detective and am now working in an “official capacity” to investigate the crime.  With help from the audience I will attend to the crime scene, sequester the group and begin interrogating the “usual” suspects. 

This is a time tested Comedy Mystery Act that has slayed audiences thousands of times over 25 years and it usually runs about 20 minutes.  

Break:  At this point I recommend an Intermission for food and beverage service or just fun party conversation.  Afterwards:

Another  Incredible Parlor Effect! 

To bring the crowd back into the game I will do another exciting Parlor  Magic Effect that ties into the mystery  (About 5 minutes) and segue into:

Murder Mystery Act 2!

A Police Line Up, More Clues, and the detective dramatically foils another attempted murder!  This act also runs about 20 Minutes.

Break: Audience to write out their solutions to  the crime. Afterwards:

Murder Mystery Act 3!

I solve the crime, and award trophies for best solution and best audience performances!  This is about 10 minutes.  

So not including meal breaks and intermissions we are talking about :  30 to 60 minutes of entertainment during cocktails and 75 minutes of audience participation stagecraft performance!  Add food and beverage serving, dining and clearing into your itinerary and you have the perfect 3 Hour Party Event!  (Event duration may vary  depending on food and  beverage service time, breaks, intermission length and other factors.)