Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, produces interactive entertainment including Mystery Events, Variety Acts, Live Comedy Events, Magic Shows, Dinner Theater, and Streaming Media Content through Sharpo!® events are entertainment productions hosted at many types of venues including but not limited to theaters, night clubs, banquet rooms, private dining areas of restaurants, country clubs, fraternal lodges, churches and temples, cruise ships, party buses, train cars, hotels, business conference rooms, private homes, parks, ranches, beaches, etc.


TRADEMARKS: Sharpo!® mark is used in regards to all Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions events and services. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: Entire Production produced by Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions, is the sole property of Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions. All rights are reserved in perpetuity throughout the universe in all languages, and in all media now known or hereafter devised. Customer shall not reproduce any portion of any Sharpo!® production in any form or any manner without express written permission from Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions.

PERFORMANCE RIGHTS AND ROYALTIES: No performance rights are granted to any entity without explicit written consent from Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions. Customer agrees to prominently include mention of the brand name Sharpo!® and/or in all of their print and media promotion of Sharpo!® events . Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions is not affiliated in any way with any other makers of licensed, trademarked famous characters and makes no claims to the contrary. Let there be no confusion whatsoever, in the mind of the client and customer in regards to the origin of the content or services produced under the Sharpo!® brand.

PERFORMER POLICY: Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions may arrange for independent third party entertainers to perform on behalf of customer. Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions does not guarantee an appearance at any event by any specific actor or specific professional performance artist. Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions often arranges for independent performers to participate in productions ("Independent Performing Artist"). When Independent Performing Artists participate in productions, they will be responsible for arranging for their own appropriate instrumentalities, costumes, props, and other tools necessary to participate in client's production.

PERFORMANCE AREA: Customer is responsible for providing the performance area for production. Customer agrees to inform Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions if any special legal permits are required. Customer agrees to pay for all permits and parking fees required for Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions entertainers to perform in public areas.

PERFORMANCE DURATION: All Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions entertainment services are provided as time and conditions permit and can be terminated early at Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions Producer's discretion if he/she determines that performance conditions are unmanageable. If Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions producer or customer terminates the entertainment services or performance early, Customer agrees to pay the full balance due. Unless otherwise specified in writing, the duration of Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions performance including set up and break down shall not exceed 8 (eight) Hours. Overtime charges for murder mystery production are $400 per hour and will be charged to the Customer's credit card.

PERSONALIZING/ CUSTOMIZING EVENTS: Content and props supplied by client will be used at the discretion of the Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions performers as time and conditions permit. Customer must be at least 18 years of age to submit personal information. Customer and Participant grants Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions the right to film, video, record or photograph him/her during interactive entertainment experience for upload to Youtube, Facebook, and other social media websites without payment or consideration.

CANCELLATION POLICY: A Cancellation of the event by Customer will result in a forfeit of deposit. Monies paid to Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions on a canceled event may be used for an upcoming event provided cancellation is made in writing at least 72 hours prior to start of performance. Rescheduled date must be one year or sooner from the date of the original event.

DEPOSITS AND BALANCES: Customers must be at least 18 years of age to order service. Deposits must be received within 3 business days of service order or entertainment services may be canceled and a new availability and price quote would then be needed by Customer to reorder. Balance is due and payable in full prior to the start of performance. A check may be used for the balance due. If balance is not paid by check at the event then the Customer's credit card used for deposit will be charged the outstanding balance. If no credit card is associated with the service order and balance is not paid prior to start of performance, then performance may be canceled at the discretion of the performer or Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions resulting in a forfeit of the Customer's deposit. Late payments are subject to a late fee of 10% of total amount due added each 30 day billing cycle.

TRAVEL AND LODGING: Travel and lodging costs are included in the TOTAL PRICE.

MURDER MYSTERY ATTENDEE NOTIFICATION: When ordering Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions Murder Mystery events, Customer is strongly advised to inform their party guests that they are attending a murder mystery party PRIOR to guests' arrival to event, or at the very latest, UPON guests' arrival. Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions provides a greeter to hand out Murder Mystery Welcome Letters as guests arrive. A "Cold Opening" is defined as a murder mystery event where the audience is unaware that a murder mystery event is happening until a "murder" is staged in their presence. Customer understands that a Cold Opening Murder Mystery is a deviation from our highly acclaimed interactive hit show format and audience response can be unpredictable. Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions strongly advises against Cold Opening Murder Mysteries. The exception would be when surprising a guest of honor, IE a surprise Party for a Birthday. All of the other party guests should still be informed they are attending a murder mystery surprise party for their guest of honor.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Read Carefully. Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions is not responsible for any non-entertainment performance related incidents at Sharpo!® events. Furthermore, Customer, Attendees and Participants accept full responsibility and liability for their own safety and security at Sharpo!® events. The Customer agrees to defend and hold harmless Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions and its owners, including employees and subcontractors from and against any liability and all loss, cost, damages, expenses, including attorney fees, on account of claims for personal injury relating to their attendance and participation and their event guests' attendance and participation at Sharpo!® events.

By accepting entertainment services provided by Sharpo!® Entertainment Productions Customer acknowledges that they have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein.