1.  Sharpo!® Parties are more fun!  This is a unique, interactive, shared experience that will fully engage your participants!

2. Sharpo!® is a real, seasoned professional!  I have 30 years experience  making parties the best they can be!  I have done thousands of events.

3. Sharpo!® is highly rated! Read my 5 Star reviews and  testimonials!

4. Sharpo!® offers greater value!  That's right!  A full evening of my mystery, magic and comedy for an unbeatable price! And speaking of price:

5. Sharpo!® offers super fair pricing! Your fantastic event won't bust your budget!

6. Sharpo!® offers more variety!  Mystery, Magic, Comedy, Improv, Master of Ceremonies - I can even officiate at your wedding!

7. Sharpo!® is highly adaptable to your event and party itinerary.  I'll adjust my program accordingly to make your party a smash hit!

8. Sharpo!® is a super small operation.  When you call to talk or text you get me directly!  (Same with email.)

9. Sharpo!® is a real business. I operate as a Sole Proprietorship: Eric Howell Sharp dba "Sharpo Entertainment Productions" headquartered in Van Nuys, California. I maintain a current City of L.A. Tax Registration Certificate.  "Sharpo!®"is a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Registration #  3900527.    I've invested countless hours in this labor of love building my brand so I can entertain full time. 

10.  Sharpo!® is insured! Sharpo Entertainment Productions maintains General Liability Insurance for my performance at events and the policy names my clients and venues as additional insured.