Welcome to Sharpo Entertainment Productions. I'm Eric  Sharp - also known as Sharpo!® - Famous for diabolical Murder Mystery Parties, amazing and fun Magic Shows,  Comedy & Dinner Shows.

I bring world class, smash hit entertainment to wherever you are celebrating.  My productions are very interactive and personalized around each audience.

 I love performing at  parties and events. I did my first mystery show in 1989 and instantly fell in love with the whole art of interactive performing. These shows are more than audience participation. This is immersion theater in the real sense. Professional actors stay in character throughout the experience and create the adventure and comedy by interacting with the participants.  Since that first show all those years ago I have played detective in countless mystery parties, performed in a thousands of events and dinner shows in every type of venue, for audiences big and small. I started doing magic in 1992 and am a proud member of  Academy of Magical Arts at the world Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.  I've played for large crowds of  1100 as well as  intimate dinner parties in the home for a family of 7 and everywhere in between.  

A Fresh Ever Evolving Show:

I have been very fortunate to get to do this exciting  work for decades now and I still learn something new on every show.  My act is continually evolving. I strive to keep it fresh, current and relevant to all audiences.   That's what I am all about.  I am on a mission to make life more fun! 

Show Me That Magic Trick Again?

Along with mystery theater  I got involved with magic many years ago. I was an actor trying to get my big break in Hollywood and I needed a day job. I started performing magic at kids parties.  I Loved it right away. I had three tricks and I milked them for a half an hour! The kids howled and screamed for more and so did the parents. I started playing harmonica and writing some kids songs too - One of which is featured in the hit movie "Liar Liar." I'll bet you've heard the song too. "I'm so happy today, I live in the U.S.A, Where I am different, and special and unique, it's good to be me." Now that I have kids of my own I really get the importance of making birthdays special! My children sing that song to me all the time now and we all laugh about it. I have been performing for kids parties in Southern California since 1992. 

Hooray for Hollywood!

When I got some breaks and started working in TV and Movies, One role I landed was a Co-starring role on the long running NBC sitcom, "Wings". I played a Three Card Monte Dealer in New York City who hustled Crystal Bernard out of a couple of hundred bucks.   Can you find the Red Queen?  I now perform regularly doing strolling close up magic for  cocktail parties along with my after dinner parlor magic.   

Live It Up! Good To The Last Laugh!

If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation, promotion, going away party, hosting a fundraiser, retirement party, wedding, sales meeting, team builder, staff appreciation event or any other really important moment, and whether you choose a mystery party, magic show, improv sketch comedy show, or dynamic emcee, remember that Sharpo stands for: "Simply have a really perfect occasion."